W hen I reflect on my childhood, I think of things I had that you don’t: two parents, a brother, a sister, a big house and garden, a dog, private schooling, beach and ski holidays, no money worries… and I wonder. I wonder if I’m making the right choices.

In season two, we’ll make our way through four years, from one to five, across continents, cultures, careers, seasons, struggles, successes. We’re moving forward, in ten episodes, drawing from the past, cherishing the present, heading toward an optimistic future.
Here’s the crux of it Astrid. Your childhood is my priority and for you to thrive, I need to thrive too. So, let’s find our way there, together.

Episode 21 will be out in two weeks, with new episodes every two weeks or so, dependent on, you know, life. Thanks for listening. It’s good to be back.

This production is made by me, Sophie Harper, in partnership with Wondery, and with the support of generous listeners.
Music by Broke for Free.

Music from - CC NC License:
My Luck by Broke For Free.

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Drop of Water in the Ocean by Broke For Free.

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Thanks for listening. It’s good to be back.