A fter my maternity leave, in 2014, we did move back to Denmark, just for 18 months. I did make it work, mostly, as a single mother with a demanding job, thanks to my incredible friends and colleagues.

It was painful when we left them, your second family, but so worth it for you to know your grandparents, aunt and uncle, and your little cousins. There are three of them now. Nick met Nozomi soon after you were born, little Ibuki followed, and any day now, I mean I’m literally expecting the call, a 5th baby cousin will arrive!

It’s so hard to say goodbye. I don’t know if I’m coming back and so much of my heart is here.

A special thanks to all the generous and kind people who have donated to my fundraising campaign. Kate, Julie, Ana, Madeleine, Norelle, Audiocraft conference, Elizabeth, Cathy, Beth, Annette, Megan, Sher, Dimity, Jess, Ingeborg, Rebecca, Emily, Pearl, Cathy, Kate and Russell.
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We are taking a week off to go to the wedding! See you in three weeks!