I had morning sickness and was trying hard to look after myself, now about 5 weeks pregnant, but it was a struggle with the lack of structure in my life over the summer, and all this travel.

Today though, back to work, just for a week. I was feeling guilty and conflicted about work. This was really the first time in my life that I was€n’t putting work ahead of everything else and it made me very uneasy.
I was lonely and felt very isolated.
It wasn’€™t a choice I’d made, to go through life alone.

"It wasn’€™t a choice I’d made, to go through life alone."

This is an independent production made by me, Sophie Harper.
Thanks to my family, my friends and my daughter for allowing me to record, and for the practical and moral support.

Music from freemusicarchive.org - CC NC License:
Like Swimming by Broke For Free; I Don’t See The Branches, I See The Leaves by Chris Zabriskie; Safe In Glass Houses by Dexter Britain; Going Under by Dexter Britain; Level 2 by Total Reboot.

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