T he day after my birthday I called a clinic and made an appointment to come and talk to them about choosing a donor and getting pregnant.

This courage didn’t come from nowhere. I want to take you back to start unravelling some of the events that led to this point.

On our last day together, my step-mother handed me a gift. ‘For your baby’ she said. Tears welled in my eyes. My baby’s first belonging. Just three weeks since your conception Astrid… welcome to our family.

This is an independent production made by me, Sophie Harper.
Thanks to my family, my friends and my daughter for allowing me to record, and for the practical and moral support.

Clips from ABC TV profile of Diana Lampe on Stateline Canberra by journalist Catherine Garrett.

Music from freemusicarchive.org - CC NC License: Wednesday by Adrianna Krikl; Disconnect by Adrianna Krikl; Less Than Three by Adrianna Krikl; Tam814 by LJ Kruzer; Tamz by LJ Kruzer; The Stars Are Out by Dexter Britain.

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