I t’s going to get messy, so if that’s a problem for you, you might want to skip this episode, or you can fairly safely listen to the first 9 and the last 4 minutes.

I’m 6 days overdue. I can’t imagine it’s possible to be any bigger! I’m so uncomfortable and it’s so hot! But I need to get out. I go to the little suburban supermarket near home, and think of my mother. Her waters broke with my brother in this very supermarket 34 years ago. I shop quickly, before history has a chance to repeat!

I have an acupuncture appointment in the afternoon, and the acupuncturist can barely contain her excitement as she does her best to bring on the labor as soon as possible. I have another appointment booked for the next day, but she doesn’t think I’ll be there.

I go home, rest and drink raspberry leaf tea. It’s supposed to help too.
Labor might begin at any moment. Then again, it could be another week.
I go to bed, trying to put it all out of my mind. For me, it had been a bit of a dark week, waiting and not knowing when our life together will start.
I wake up during the night and feel a sudden gush. It’s my waters, they’ve broken. There’s meconium in them. I know this means it’s urgent.

"We race to hospital. Labor happens in a blur, with moments of hyper-sharp focus. You are born!"

This is an independent production made by me, Sophie Harper.
Thank you to my family, especially this time to Diana Harper, for being there.

Music from freemusicarchive.org - CC NC License:
Zandzeepsodemineraalwatersteenstralen by Duncan Avoid; Land on the Golden Gate by Chris Zabriskie; Rewound by Chris Zabriskie; Seven by Dexter Britain.

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Next time, in two weeks, my first hours and first days of motherhood.