I was living and working in Denmark when I reached the age of 38, the cut-off I’d settled on to try to have a baby alone before it was too late.

I was incredibly fortunate as Denmark has a thriving fertility tourism industry and maternity benefits that made it possible for me to even consider doing what I was about to try and do. I had decided on a donor and the sample was on stand-by.

This is the story of the morning in May when my ovulation test showed as positive, and it was time to stop thinking about it and actually do it!

Astrid, this is more information than any kid wants about their parent, but you deserve access to the full story. This is how you came about. It was absolutely Not By Accident.

Thanks to my family, my friends and my daughter for allowing me to record, and for the practical and moral support.

Music from freemusicarchive.org - CC NC License: Charge into 2015 by Dexter Britain; What Does Anybody Know About Anything by Chris Zabriskie; The Time to Run (Finale) by Dexter Britain; The Stars Are Out (Interlude) by Dexter Britain; Tam8+ei4 by LJ Kruzer.