I t’s August 2015. We’ve just moved back to Australia from Denmark and it’s strange. You’re ultra-sensitive, fearful, clingy, easily brought to tears. I probably am too.

It’s been like this for months with all the change and uncertainty. I’ve hardly told anyone we’re coming. Only the family.

I don’t know what’s next for us, I don’t feel particularly proud of myself, being newly unemployed, and I’m so full of questions and big emotions that I don’t feel like socializing. I just need quiet. We surround ourselves with our family, your cousins who you can’t get enough of, your grandparents, your aunts and uncles, to help us find our feet. But I feel a sense of urgency. I need to find a new home, new childcare, new work, new routines, so you feel secure again, as quickly as possible.

"We’ve just moved back to Australia from Denmark and it’s strange."

This production is made by me, Sophie Harper, in partnership with Wondery. I’m supported by generous listeners and by my family, my friends and my daughter. Story Editing by Michelle Webster.

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They Wait by Lee Rosevere and Too Far Away by Ian Sutherland.

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Drop of Water in the Ocean by Broke For Free.

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